Who We Are

ContentMine is a leading text and data mining company, with headquarters in Cambridge, England. We specialise in building open source tools to find facts hidden in large volumes of scientific information and enabling researchers to use them through training, advocacy and community.

We supply text and data mining services to a broad portfolio of clients, particularly in Higher Education, research and knowledge-intensive sectors.

ContentMine was founded in 2014 by Peter Murray-Rust, a prominent open science advocate and chemist who developed the mining of scientific literature as a new form of research. Initial funding from the Shuttleworth Foundation enabled Peter and a growing team to develop the tools, training and community behind ContentMine.

We are committed advocates for copyright reform and that the right to read should mean the right to mine. We also support an active community of early career researchers via our Fellowship Programme. We hope that by encouraging early adopters of content mining tools, together we can accelerate important research and its impact in society.

Our Values

  • The liberation of scientific knowledge from public documents to make it useful for everybody.

  • To support an Open community that uses and promotes content mining.

  • To create an Open toolbox of software, protocols and resources for mining.

  • To work with partners to create better tools and support their knowledge extraction.


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