How reliably can Wikipedia answer your medical question?

Medical pages on English Wikipedia received 2.2 billion visits last year

Good articles require content from the latest biomedical sources, which totals tens of thousands of papers each year.

Editors must sort papers by reliability and relevance.

Once they have good sources, editors must implement the changes in articles across Wikipedia.

Our Vision

We believe these problems can mostly be resolved through the combination of automation and input by editors that we propose here in the ScienceSource platform.

How does ScienceSource work?

  1. ScienceSource uses Wikipedia guidelines and text mining to identify reliable medical sources and encode them according to Wikipedia established data standards.
  2. The ScienceSource algorithmic workflow semi-automates the process of extracting data from medical sources into Wikipedia articles and Wikidata entries.
  3. The ScienceSource workflow helps editors sort through medical references, making the process faster and more reliable.

How can you help ensure the project's success?

ScienceSource is supported by a grant from the Wikimedia Foundation.
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