Work for ContentMine!

We’re an ambitious not-for-profit open-locked start-up full of people who are passionate about making the world’s scientific scholarly output available to everyone. To support our social goal we also take on commercial projects and we’re on the lookout for Software Engineers to help us with these as we take them on.

Firstly we’re looking for people who are also passionate about Open but we’re also looking for a range of skills, soft and technical to help us change the world.

Soft Skills

  • Working independently – we’re a small rapidly moving team. You’ll need to be able to plan your own work schedule to meet the expectations of our commercial partners and deliver on our social mission. We trust people to deliver without someone breathing down their necks.
  • Time management – You’ll need to be able to set and keep realistic deadlines and milestones for the project you work on.
  • Working as part of diverse, remote team – We expect our team to be able to collaborate and to disagree civilly both in person and online.
  • Manage volunteers and document code that you’ve worked on.

Technical Skills – Skill we’d like from all engineers

  • Ship it – You’ll have experience of delivering projects clients of the community can use even if they’re not yet perfect.
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) – Experience of TDD and an understanding of continuous integration.
  • Version Control – Understanding and experience using version control technology such as git. You know the value of a useful commit message and strategies to combine work from multiple developers

Java Engineer

  • Experience working with Maven and dealing with multi module projects.
  • Unit testing with JUnit
  • Experience with XML and parsing. Experience of working with SVG is a bonus

Frontend Engineer

  • Basic UX experience; understanding of user focused design
  • Crossplatform (at least Windows, OSX, linux) GUI development
  • Cross platform installation

Machine learning

  • Experience with Apache Spark
  • Experience with NLP
  • Experience with technologies such as: tensorflow, scikit-learn word2vec